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The Kanjoh Video Archives

Welcome to Kanjoh! Kanjoh is a directory of free videos designed to help you learn about personal finance, investing, and the financial crisis. All of our videos center around helping you answer one question: how can these topics affect your life?

A great place to start is with our introductory videos. Learn the basics of Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Index Funds, Mutual Funds, Banks and Lending, Time Value of Money, Compound Interest, Risk and Return, Financial Leverage, Balance Sheets, Credit Cards, and Private Equity/Venture Capital

Timeline of the Financial Crisis: Part 1 - the First Signs, Part 2 - the events of September 2008, Part 3 - The TARP and Moral Hazard, Part 4 – Tim Geithner and the TALF, Part 5 – Bonuses and Bailouts: The AIG Story

Banking and Lending: Bank Account Safety,

Mortgages: Introduction to Securitization, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac,

Derivatives: Introduction to Financial DerivativesDerivatives PricingCredit Default Swaps

Stocks: Introduction to Stocks, Stock Sectors, Stock Styles and Market Capitalization,

Fundamentals of Investing: Balance Sheets, Illustration of Profitability, Buy and Hold vs. Tactical Trading, Relationship between Past and Future Investment Performance, the Relationship between Stocks and Bonds, Financial Food Pyramid, The Mutual Fund Casino

Financial Planning: What is a Financial Advisor, Liability-Driven Investing

Understanding Risk: Introduction to Risk and Return, Systematic vs. Unsystematic Risk, Liquidity RiskDefault Risk, Market Risk, Interest Rate Risk, Country/Political Risk, Foreign Exchange Risk,

Basic Economics: Opportunity Cost, Law of Comparative Advantage, Supply and Demand, Gross Domestic Product,

Economics and Policy: the relationship between crisis and public policy, speculative bubbles and human nature, recessions and depressions, aligning corporate incentives, Free Market Theory and Where It Went Wrong, Is Saving Bad for the Economy?, Similarities and Differences with the Great Depression, Gantt Chart Template

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In the interest of full disclosure, Kanjoh and its owners do receive material compensation for endorsements and recommendations of products. Kanjoh is compensated through a number of affiliate programs, including but not limited to Vertex42 Spreadsheets, Chase Credit Cards,, ODesk, and Although does receive payments for its reviews, we only review products that we genuinely believe in. Feel free to contact us with any further questions.   For more information, please read our privacy policy.

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I need to fns a amortization schedule or such that I can enter in the payments made.
I was looking at your Mortagage calculator with amortization schedule and it allows extra payments but not if you miss a payment. How does that affect interest if the payment is “caught up” the next month?

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For me reading the text gets me nowhere, Ex. What are weighted averages, and why are they used? More importantly what role do they play in project management scenarios (choosing options of two mutally exclusive projects, etc..

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